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October 8, 2007

Grants, NM – Oct. 8, 2007

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I woke up this morning around 0500. It was cold outside but I slept well. The noise wasn’t too bad in the Arctic Fox. I made a pot of coffee then headed back out on eastbound on I-40. I arrived in Kingman just as the Cracker Barrel opened and had breakfast. I then drove to the Flying J and filled the truck before heading on.

I decided I didn’t want to fight for a place to stay and at my reduced speed, I knew I wouldn’t make it to Taos tonight. Despite the 75 MPH speed limit across Arizona and New Mexico, the fastest I tow the Arctic Fox is 60 MPH. I pulled off in Williams to decide where I was going to stay tonight. I parked near a couple of motels and found a Wi-Fi connection. I debated between the KOA campgrounds in Gallup and Grants. I’ve seen the Gallup KOA and it’s right next to I-40. I was a bit worried about the noise. I hadn’t seen the Grants KOA and decided to take a chance. I made reservations and continued on.

The drive to Grants was uneventful. The weather was clear and traffic was average. I made it to Grants in the afternoon. The campground is a mile or so south of I-40. The spaces are packed in a little tight, but I wasn’t too concerned. As I was checking in, another camper came in and I learned it was a good thing I had made reservations because they had no more sites. As the man left, he said that the Gallup campground was also fully booked. He also said that everything in Albuquerque was booked. I suspect it’s likely due to the Balloon Fiesta. As I was checking in, the manager mentioned that they provide fresh cooked food to you trailer if you so desire. Nice touch.

After I was situated and unhitched the Arctic Fox, I headed into Grants to buy a few things at Walmart. I then headed back where I met my next door neighbor. He had recently retired from the Seattle area and he and his wife were on their way to visit his brother in the San Francisco Bay Area. I gave him some pointers on where to find cheap gas then called it a night. When I checked in, the manager mentioned that it’s been freezing at night, so I disconnected the water lines.

Fuel Costs: Flying J (Kingman, AZ,) 35.271 gallons at $2.919 per gallon, 360 miles driven, 10.21 MPG
Flying J (Winslow, AZ,) 19.546 gallons at $2.919 per gallon, 209 miles driven, 10.69 MPG

October 7, 2007

On The Road – October 7, 2007

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Today finds me driving my Dodge pulling my Arctic Fox 5th Wheel across California and Arizona. I’m by myself for this trip. I’m on my way to Taos, NM to visit family. This is the first long trip I’ve taken the Arctic Fox on, so I’m a bit apprehensive. My main concern is the distance I can drive in a day. I’ve made the drive to New Mexico countless times, but never towing anything this big. So this will be a first.

I started out the day early in the morning. I loaded everything I would need and went to the storage yard where we’ve been keeping the Arctic Fox. I transfered my clothes, camera equipment and food to the trailer after firing up the refrigerator. Then I hit the road. I was coming from the Stockton area so instead of taking I-5 south, I took Highway 99. Nothing terribly unusual, just not my normal route.

I don’t really have a set itinerary, so I drove until I began to feel a bit tired. I pulled off at a rest area in Tulare County to stretch my back. I ended up taking about a 20 minute nap and felt much better. I got back on the road and drove to Barstow. I stopped at a place that used to be called Mrs. B’s at a truck stop off I-15. It’s a 50′s diner but now it’s called B’s or something like that. I’ve stopped there for years but apparently it’s changed ownership since the last time I was there. Terrible service and terrible food. Not a thing like it used to be.

I got back on the road and by now, it was dark. I’m not thrilled about crossing the Mojave Desert in the dark, but I carried on. I wasn’t entirely sure where I was going to stay other than Kingman, but since I was flying by the seat of my pants, I planned to play it by ear.

The drive on I-40 into Arizona was uneventful. The weather was calm and traffic was light. The numerous grades were much more noticeable with the Arctic Fox in tow. Nothing like crawling up a hill and fighting momentum on the other side. Quite a bit different from setting the cruise control and going.

I was getting pretty tired when I reached the rest area outside Yucca, AZ and decided to call it a night. I didn’t feel like trying to find somewhere to stay and park the 5th wheel at a campground in Kingman. I fired up the water heater so I could take a shower in the morning and now I’m writing this. It’s a bit breezy and rather cool. Let’s see how much sleep I get.

Fuel Costs: Flying J (Bakersfield, CA,) 24.384 gallons of diesel at $3.099 per gallon, 323 miles driven, 13.25 MPG

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